CBD Oil The Dosage

CBD Oil Dosage
                    How Much To Take

It is Important to follow CBD Oil the dosage advice as everyone reacts differently when taking CBD for the first time so starting with a small dose and build up slowly as in the following example

The first couple of days use one spray then over the next few weeks slowly increasing the dosage to what you feel is the most beneficial to your well being.

When taking the CBD Oil via Spray or Dropper the taste is not nasty but I liken it to an earthy grass like after-taste I would recommend after holding the OIL under your tongue for the two minutes have a drink of orange juice or water to take the taste away.

I would not recommend taking more than 9 sprays on the one day

When taking the spray or dropper take care not to spill any of the CBD Oil on any clothing or furniture as it can stain

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