High Street CBD v Medical CBD

CBD Oil The Confusion

The rise in popularity of CBD Oil that can be purchased in the UK either online or high street health shops but there is still a lot of confusion regarding the legal online or high street purchased CBD oil and the medical CBD Oil that can only be prescribed on prescription by a specialist doctor which was only recently deemed legal to access by the UK government.

The High Street CBD v Medical CBD Confusion Explained the UK regular legally purchased CBD oil is a by-product of the hemp plant which is extracted using a low temp extraction process to attain the purest hemp/ CBD oil with very minimal traces of THC (Wikipedia) (the cannabis high) and is free from no harmful solvents but just its purest form with all the natural benefits of this amazing product which is readily available to purchase in the UK with no legal consequences available in many forms as an oil to be taken orally or as a cream/balm for skin absorbs ion and available in a vaping oil.

Medical CBD a licensed controlled drug which was only recently available to the medical profession in the UK to treat various medical conditions as highlighted in the press and TV. This form of CBD is commonly derived from the marijuana plant the cannabis oil extracted from the marijuana plant contains high levels of THC (the compound that gives you the high) which unless prescribed on prescription by a specialist medical practitioner is illegal in the UK.

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Time For Change

The main change of direction by the UK government in the uses of medical CBD came after the series of high profile cases of parents who had claimed an improvement in the treatment of severe epilepsy in their children when medical CBD was administered but were forced to go abroad because of the illegal consequences in the UK and one case in particular they were detained by airport security when returning to the UK with medical CBD oil but because of the public outcry and the obvious improvement of their child’s condition when taking medical CBD oil it was deemed legal on November 1 to use as a licensed drug and prescribed only by a specialist doctor in cases were no alternative medication was an effective alternative to Medical CBD.

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