History of CBD Oil

CBD Oil Has Been Around a Long Time

Many people think CBD Oil is a fairly recent discovery but its only when we look back over history we begin to see the amazing benefits this plant has shown in human history that we now arrive at what people in the UK now know in its present legal form as CBD Oil.

The Cannabis plant of which CBD Oil is extracted from can be traced back to one of mans first managed crops having evolved in central Asia the history of cannabis can be traced back to over 12,000 years when it likely flourished in rich nutrient soil making it one of the most exuberant crops of that era. Cannabis seeds have been found in Siberian burial mounds dating back 3000 BC and including large quantities of mummified Marijuana plant’s in tombs located in China and Siberia dated 2500 BC. Cannabis came to the Middle East between 2000 B.C. and 1400 B.C. Germanic tribes then brought cannabis to central Europe and from there to Britain in the early 5 centuries via Anglo-Saxon invasions.

CBD Travels

Over the next few centuries, cannabis found its way to various parts of the world via Africa and reaching the Southern Americas in the 19 century eventually reaching North America.

It was not till 100 of years later that the science world started investigating the amazing benefits of the refined cannabidiol extracts that CBD oil exhibits when used as a food supplement which far exceeds the plant’s usefulness in its raw form.

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The Solution

The history of CBD oil came to show that it was not till the early sixties that a chemist studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem after much research into the cannabidiol (CBD) extract plus the cannabis plant they were able to isolate the THC compound (this is what gets people high) and bring together a manageable about of both CBD plus a small percentage of the THC.


history of cbd oil

This breakthrough in there study proved to be a significant leap forward in the understanding of both the CBD oil extract and the cannabis plant and the true health benefits of CBD Oil without the psychoactive effects of cannabis

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